Console versions of R-Type

Following a couple of e-mails regarding a newer version of R-Type to appear for one of the new Consoles (i.e. N64, Saturn, Playstation, etc.). Following on from this, I sent an e-mail message to a UK magazine called Playstation Plus, and their reply is re-produced word-for-word for fellow R-Type fans:

From: Steve Merrett (

Sent: 18 June 1997 09:28

Subject: Re: R-Type for the PlayStation

Hi Dominic,

EA never actually produced an R-Type for the PS, but Viewpoint is best described asa cross between R-Type and Zaxxon. It's not all bad news, though. Sega recently released Irem Classics for the Saturn, and this comprised Ten Yard Fight, Kung Fu Master, and a really dire Spy Hunter clone (the name of which eludes me).

This was a huge success in Japan, and Sony have commissioned a PAL version to succeed the Namco Museum series. What's more, Sony are calling the PlayStation version Irem Classics Vol.1, and bearing in mind Irem weren't exactly prolific in their output, it seems very likely R-Type will feature on a later volume.

There are no release dates as of yet, but I'd say R-Type on PlayStation was a fairly dead cert - after all, Gauntlet and Marble Madness are on their way!

I hope this helps, and send my regards to Chichester - my home town!

Steve Merrett